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3 Ways Insurance Companies Take Advantage of You

3 ways insurance companies take advantage of policyholders

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When you hear what a public adjuster does, that we act as an advocate for you when you submit a claim to your insurance company, you might wonder why our services are needed. You pay your insurance company, so surely that means they work for you, right?

In reality, you don’t really employ your insurance company. You buy services from a large company that is just as concerned with its bottom line as any other big corporation. This means that it’s in their best interests to make as much money from you as possible, while also paying out as little possible on claims.

Here are three ways in which insurance companies accomplish that goal, and where you’ll find a public insurance adjuster to be the most help when filing a claim.

#1: Write Complicated Policies and Legalese

The first way that insurance companies take advantage of their customers is by writing long, complicated, convoluted policies that are difficult for the average person to understand. This makes it tough for you to figure out what is covered, and easy for insurance companies to hide behind vague terminology in order to try to deny you a payout you’re entitled to. That’s why one of the very first things we do when you call Rapid Public Adjusters is to go over your policy with you to determine what exactly it covers and what kind of a settlement you may be entitled to.

#2: Claim You Failed to Mitigate the Damages

Another favorite game that insurance companies play is to claim that since you failed to mitigate the damage properly, it’s now on you. For instance, if your roof is damaged, your insurance company may refuse to cover subsequent water damage if you didn’t take steps to try to prevent it. As experts in the claims process, a public adjuster can ensure that the right people are called, and the proper steps are taken to minimize further damage and maximize your payout.

#3: Try to Get You to Sign Off on Future Claims

The third trick many insurance companies play on their customers is to offer a low payout and get you to sign off on any further claims as quickly as possible. Then once hidden damage emerges, you’ll be on your own. Calling a public insurance adjuster will ensure that you have someone knowledgeable with the process watching your back.

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If nothing else, these sneaky ways insurance companies take advantage of customers prove that everyone can benefit from having an advocate when it comes time to file a claim. Call Rapid Public Adjusters today, and we’ll make sure you get the full coverage you’ve been paying for.