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5 Signs Your Florida Home Has Drywall Water Damage

5 Signs Your Florida Home Has Drywall Water Damage

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Drywall damage is a serious issue that none of us ever hope to deal with, but if it happens to your home, it’s imperative that you act quickly, before the damage worsens. Here are five signs that you need to file a water damage insurance claim as soon as possible.

Peeling paint

Waterlogged drywall swells, becomes soft, and changes in texture. Once that happens, paint can no longer adhere to the surface and will begin to bubble and peel up. If you see peeling paint, be aware that the water has thoroughly soaked into the drywall, and you’re most likely dealing with a situation where timing is critical.


As water absorbs into the drywall, you may also begin to see stains. The stains are typically brownish or dirty looking, and will usually look very much like water stains or puddled water, particularly if water is dripping through the roof or the floor above and pooling in the ceiling.

Warping walls and sagging ceilings

As drywall absorbs water, it makes the material soft, and eventually the drywall will cave in. Walls can warp and buckle, and ceilings can sag and even fall down. Buckling drywall can be a safety hazard for anyone in the house, especially if you have anything substantial hung on the wall or heavy fixtures in the ceiling.

Mold growth

Ongoing water damage typically results in mold growth within the house. Mold growth is particularly serious because it is so difficult to get rid of, and can quickly spread to parts of the house where you aren’t even aware of it. If you see mold growth or other signs of water damage, take quick and thorough action. By contacting the best Florida insurance adjusters, you can have the water damage quickly assessed and documented, so that you can move on and get it taken care of immediately.

Musty odors

If you’re smelling musty odors or the more acrid smell of mold, you might want to investigate where the smell is coming from. Mold can get out of control quickly in a home with unaddressed water damage. Start looking around for signs like those mentioned above, such as peeling paint, stains, sagging walls, and mold growth. If you find them, try to find the source of the water damage, and call an expert with a Florida insurance adjuster license to help document the damage.

Get Help With your claim in Florida

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when dealing with water damage. By contacting someone with an insurance adjuster license in Florida, you can have the damage assessed quickly and get help navigating the insurance claims process. Contact Rapid Public Adjusters today for help resolving your water damage claim.