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3 Tips for Filing Auto Theft & Vandalism Claims in Florida

Car theft and vandalism insurance claims in Miami, FL

Nothing quite compares to the awful feeling you get when you discover your car has been vandalized or stolen. It’s important to know what next steps to take to protect yourself. Here are three quick tips to keep you focused on what you need to do.

Make Sure It’s Not a Misunderstanding

First things first: Make sure it’s not some sort of misunderstanding. For instance, if your car appears vandalized, check the windshield for notes and ask neighbors if they noticed anything. It may not be a case of malicious intent, but an easily rectifiable accident. If your car is missing, make sure it wasn’t towed! Look for signs with the name of the tow company that patrols the parking lot and see if they have your car, or call the local police to see if it was impounded. If you were behind on your loan payments, call your lender and make sure it wasn’t repossessed.

File a Police Report

If you determine that your car was vandalized or stolen, file a police report immediately. This report is not only a record of the incident but also an opportunity for the police to look for evidence and try to find whoever did it. Check to see if there was any video surveillance where your car was parked, and be sure to mention that information to the police when you file the report.

File a Claim with Insurance

Once you’ve filed the police report, follow up by filing a claim with your insurance company. Many victims feel like they should wait to see the results of the police case before filing their report, but the delay is unnecessary. Processing your insurance claim at the same time as the police investigate minimizes your time without a car. If you filed a vandalism claim, your insurance company would most likely pay out regardless of what happens with your case.

Bonus Tip: Call a Florida Public Insurance Adjuster

Another reason many victims delay calling the insurance company is that they know what a headache it will be. Make the entire process easier on yourself by calling a public claims adjuster. A public adjuster does a similar job as the insurance company’s adjuster, but they work for you rather than the insurance company. Call Rapid Public Adjusters today and let us be your advocate in all your dealings with your insurance company.