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What to Ask Before Hiring an Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster License in Florida

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For complex insurance claims, you may be better off hiring a licensed Public Adjuster. They will help you out and work on your behalf as you get your claim processed and paid. It’s important to get a qualified and dedicated adjuster who knows the industry and will advocate well for you. The best way to make sure you’re getting the right insurance adjuster is knowing what to ask about before you make your decision.

Insurance Adjuster License Florida

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You can ask to see the Florida insurance adjuster license to make sure the adjuster is qualified and has their credentials. Some people try to work under another firm’s or adjuster’s license, so there’s no way of knowing if they have the training and experience they should.

Experience and References

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The best Florida insurance adjusters will have a lot of local experience and a clean record. How long have they been in business? Are they affiliated with a reputable company? What kind of work do they usually do? If they’ve done quality work in the past, they should be able to provide references and letters of recommendation. Call a few of the references they present to get a feel for how good the adjuster’s work is.

Personal Commitment Level and Workload

Personal Commitment Level_RPA

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It’s good to know if the person you’re talking to will be handling your case personally, or if they’re just trying to make the sale and give the work to someone else. If the public adjuster has a massive workload, it may mean they’re cranking out claims without giving each of them the attention they deserve.



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Some insurance adjusters carry insurance that will kick in if they make an error or omission that has negative consequences for your claim. This is an added level of security for you.

Contract and Fees

Contract and Fees

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Discuss the insurance adjuster’s commission. The fee is negotiable. Most adjusters will charge a five to 15 percent commission on whatever your insurance company pays out for a claim. You might also negotiate whether or not you want them to handle your entire claim or just part of it.

Communication and Termination Rights

Communication and Termination Rights

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If you enter into a contract with this adjuster, will you still be able to communicate directly with the insurance company? Discuss whether you’ll be able to terminate the contract before the claim is finalized, and what the fee is like for that.

Other Parties

Other Parties

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Does the adjust work with specific attorneys and CPAs?

Best Florida Insurance Adjusters

If you’re considering an Insurance adjuster, contact us at Rapid Public Adjusters. We have experience helping customers get claims paid in many areas, and our process has been working for years.